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Launching a Company

Launching a Company

I think every new business starts with an “AH-HA” moment that’s followed quickly with an “OH SH*T” can I really make it happen?

For me that moment came while I was watching my girlfriend Alex make a homemade sports drink packed full of electrolytes. She was adding lemon juice, organic sugar, Himalayan rose salt and a host of powdered minerals to a jug and I couldn’t help thinking there had to be a simpler solution. Being business minded I hopped online and started doing what would become “early competitor analysis.” Shockingly there really wasn’t a good alternative-at least when it came to pre-mixed sports drinks. Yes there were electrolyte powders available but in terms of drinks that were ready to grab and go most of what was already available was less than desirable. 

I knew the industry giants Gatorade and Powerade didn’t come close to being healthy with excess sugars from high-fructose corn syrup and a host of artificial flavours, chemicals and food dyes. But aside from those there weren’t many options for true rehydration beverages (please exclude energy drinks like Monster or Red Bull). Other types of drinks like coconut water and birch sap claimed to be sources of certain nutrients like potassium or trace minerals, but none of them were balanced in their total electrolyte composition. I found a sugar free drink called BioSteel but without any sugar the refuelling and rehydrating potential would be limited. I was confidant that we needed a better option. Then I had my “OH SH*T” moment.

We are still a young and growing company but we're sure we are the BEST natural sports drink our there. Packed full of electrolytes, trace minerals and containing the least amount of sugar to maximize absorption-if you haven't tried us yet grab a taster pack today!