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Why do we forget to drink water?

Did you know that up to 75% of North American’s are chronically dehydrated? 

Working as a Naturopathic Doctor I am consistently shocked that when I ask about water consumption many people say they drink less than 3 glasses of water per day. Dehydration can take many forms but fatigue, sluggishness, muscle cramps, dizziness and headaches are just some of the things you might feel if you’re not drinking enough water. 

It’s a common misunderstanding that beverages like coffee, pop and juice work to rehydrate you. Unfortunately, the presence of caffeine and too much sugar can have a diuretic effect (they make you pee) and can actually slow the absorption process. Conversely, for some people water alone can send them running to the washroom soon after drinking. This happens when you don’t have enough salts and electrolytes in your body as this helps you retain water in your cells and improves nutrient uptake from your small intestine. For people with the latter problem of frequent pee breaks I used to recommend adding a little sea salt and lemon to their drinking water as it changes the fluid concentration and replenishes this salt and trace mineral need. 

Prolonged periods of intense exercise also create a situation for electrolyte imbalance as our bodies loose salt and other minerals as sweat. That’s why research in sports physiology show that drinking a beverage containing sodium and other electrolytes during and after 1+ hour vigorous exercise aids in recovery and rehydration. 

Unfortunately, most of the popular sports drinks have too much sugar, extra additives/chemicals and only contain sodium. Until now I’ve never felt comfortable recommending conventional sports drinks to my patients. Hidrate revolutionizes the sports drink world as it provides a complete and bioavailable electrolyte formula made only with whole food, natural ingredients. It’s also way easier to drink than the homemade recipe I used to give my patients. 

I am so proud to be founder of this product and company!