Who should use Hydrator?

Hydrator is designed to help with dehydration both from athletic activities and regular life. We have athletes that swear by our products as well as regular people who just feel easily dehydrated, thirsty or are having difficulty absorbing water alone.

When’s the best time to drink Hydrator?

Our formula works best for rehydration during and after exercise. It’s also awesome for avoiding fatigue from other dehydrating activities like sun exposure and alcohol consumption.

Is Hydrator an energy drink?

Hydrator is a natural sports drink that specifically doesn’t contain caffeine or other stimulants. Many people do feel more energy and less fatigue after drinking it but this is due to the rehydration effects and not because of specific stimulant action.

Can I give Hydrator to my kids?

Absolutely! Many parents are so excited to discover Hydrator as a healthier option compared to other sports drinks that have more sugar, fewer electrolytes and artificial ingredients like preservatives and dyes.

Why isn't Hydrator sugar free?

When you’re active and dehydrated your body needs some sugars to rehydrate quickly. We used the least amount of organic cane sugar needed to maximize absorption and improve the overall hydrating effect. This also gives your body some carbohydrate fuel that it needs after exercise or hard work.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! Our packaging uses 86% less plastic than what’s needed to make a conventional plastic bottle and is 100% recyclable. It's also super lightweight and compact allowing for easy transportation to and from your next adventure.

Where did the name Himalayan Hydration come from?

Our name pays tribute to our original formula that was made with Himalayan rose salts in our kitchen. Alex told her patients to use Himalayan rose salts because they are commercially widely available and have a high content of trace minerals. While this worked in a homemade recipe we were concerned that Himalayan salts weren't a sustainable ingredient as we expanded into larger production. Sustainability is a core part of our company ethos and we are pleased to now be formulated in environmentally friendly packaging with pure ocean minerals.  

How does Hydrator compare to other sports drinks?

Please see the “Competitor Comparison Chart” below.