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our story

Hey water, meet Hidrate

We created the most effective, science backed electrolyte drink on the market.
our story

We are a dynamic husband and wife team that started Hidrate in our kitchen

Hi, we’re Thomas and Alex, a dynamic husband-and-wife team and co-founders of Hidrate. Have you ever found yourself gulping down a post-workout sports drink and then feeling a huge crash instead of being full of energy? Us too! One day Thomas came home tired and crampy after a hard workout- he was looking for something to help but couldn’t find a good drink that was filled with electrolytes and not sugar. So he asked me what I’d recommend and I whipped up a homemade electrolyte drink from a recipe I gave my patients. Soon he felt energized and headache free and he knew we were on to something.
Dehydration is a major problem and it affects people in so many ways. From muscle cramps, energy crashes, poor focus and dry skin staying hydrated is so important. We’re here to help whether you don’t like the taste of water or sometimes you find yourself sweating faster than you can drink- Hidrate has got you covered. I’ve used my medical background as a Naturopathic Doctor to develop the best hydration drink with the right combination of electrolytes, trace minerals, nutrients and no artificial ingredients. After years of formulation and testing we have the best electrolyte drink on the market. We use only what your body needs to help you feel better faster- that’s what Hidrate is all about. Enjoy!

Meet Alex

Naturopathic Doctor and Cofounder of Hidrate

Health and fitness are my life. I grew up in a family of health practitioners and I followed in their footsteps with a biology degree before becoming a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. I work with athletes and talk about nutrition and supplements to maximize athletic performance, improve recovery and reduce injuries. Over 75% of North Americans are chronically dehydrated and there wasn't a healthy sports drink on the market that I could support, so I created a homemade recipe featuring Himalayan rose salt, lemon and water. It worked great for rehydration and recovery but was cumbersome to make. When Thomas tried it he knew we had something special that we could share.
Meet Thomas

CEO and Cofounder of Hidrate

I’ve been in pursuit of a good sports drink my entire life. I grew up active and would get easily dehydrated feeling exhausted and sore. At first I reached for the brand name sports drinks you think of,  but after initially quenching my thirst a sugar crash always followed. As I got older I became more aware of whole foods and tried to avoid added sweeteners, artificial chemicals, and excess stimulants like caffeine. Clearly the old sports drinks no longer cut it but what other option did I have? Coconut water was a partial solution with its high potassium but it still fell short in sodium and other electrolytes. It wasn’t until I asked my wife Alex for some advice that she shared her electrolyte recipe and we created Hidrate.
Our Promise

Minimal ingredients, maximal hydration

Our products use organic and natural ingredients. We are free from high fructose corn syrup and other artificial sweeteners, chemicals and preservatives to give you the pure rehydration you need. We source the best electrolytes and trace minerals to help you feel better faster. We believe in sustainability and use renewable ocean minerals. This eco-consciousness extends to our unique flexible bottle that is fully recyclable and produces 86% less plastic waste. We work hard to give you the healthiest and most environmentally friendly products possible.