We started in our kitchen...

One hot summer day after a sweaty Crossfit class our founder Thomas arrived home tired, crampy, with a pounding headache-he was dehydrated. He asked his partner Alex if she could grab him a sports drink or electrolyte supplement. Instead, Alex headed to their kitchen and mixed up a combo of Himalayan rose salts, lemon, sugar and water. As a Naturopathic Doctor this was the recipe for a homemade electrolyte drink she'd created. Within 30 minutes of drinking this concoction Thomas started feeling better.


This sparked an idea.


Why wasn't there a good sports drink on the market? He was sure the two of them could do better.

The Hydrator Difference

Hydrator is the cleanest electrolyte-rich sports drink on the market. We're made with organic whole food ingredients including real fruit juice, 30% less sugar and 3x more electrolytes than other brands. As a Naturopathic Doctor when Alex formulated our drink she focused on the science behind rehydration and activity. Hydrator uses the most absorbable forms of electrolytes and trace minerals and the least amount of organic sugar needed for fast rehydration. Our goal is for you to feel better faster.

Our Promise

Our products use organic and natural ingredients. We are free from high fructose corn syrup and other artificial sweeteners, chemicals and preservatives to give you the pure rehydration you need. Sustainability is key, so Hydrator is now formulated with pure ocean minerals. We are packed in a unique flexible bottle that is fully recyclable and produces 86% less plastic waste. We work hard to give you the most environmentally friendly product possible.

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I’ve been in pursuit of a good sports drink my entire life. I grew up active would get easily dehydrated feeling exhausted and sore. At first I reached for the sports drink you think of like Gatorade, but after initially quenching my thirst a sugar crash always followed. As I got older I became more aware of whole foods and tried to avoid added sweeteners, artificial chemicals, and excess stimulants like caffeine. Clearly the old sports drinks no longer cut it but what other option did I have? Coconut water was a partial solution with its high potassium but it still fell short in sodium and other electrolytes. It wasn’t until I asked my partner Alex for some advice that we found a solution and created Hydrator.

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ALEX M. CHAN, ND Founder + Creator

Health and fitness are my life. I grew up in a family of health practitioners and I followed in their footsteps with a biology degree before becoming a licensed naturopathic doctor. I work with athletes and talk about nutrition and supplements to maximize athletic performance, improve recovery and reduce injuries. Over 75% of North Americans are chronically dehydrated and there wasn't a healthy sports drink on the market I could support. So I created a homemade recipe featuring Himalayan rose salt, lemon and water. It worked great for rehydration and recovery but was cumbersome to make. When Thomas tried it he knew we had something special that we could share.